Uninvited Guests

Today’s blog is gonna be about something funny and weird. Let’s talk about bugs people. Yes, bugs.

I woke up this morning to find a little critter walking around my room. No, I didn’t scream. It just got me thinking about home. Weird? Yes, it is weird, very weird. Back home in Egypt, all I had to deal with were ants and cockroaches. Not huge furry spiders and bugs with a hundred legs. Anyway back to the main point: I was homesick.

Usually, before school started I would go over to my cousin’s house and throw a huge party and eat too much pizza for my own good. Stay up all night with my dad’s friends (which by the way are super fun since I basically grew up with them) smoking shisha all night (not really but a girl can dream). Drinking Egyptian tea with fresh mint.  Deciding to go to Mori Sushi around ten because things are still up and running and don’t close until midnight. Deciding to go to the Wadi to camp out and go for a run. Being able to drive like an Egyptian and yes, there is a difference from driving normally and driving like an Egyptian (please don’t drive recklessly). There are just some things that I miss about Egypt that I can’t do here because its either illegal or I’m too young. I just miss Egypt, it’s always going to be home for me.

Of course, I love being here and there are more opportunities here for me. I have the best friends, great neighbors (the ones back home were kinda cranky) and I get to drive legally 🙂 This blog may not make a bunch of sense to you but its home.

So, as the new school year begins I wish you all a good year and good luck.



This is Cairo signing off



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